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At SLRPSYCHOLOGY, we specialize in a range of psychological and neurological concerns, including mood disorders, trauma, somatic disorders, neurological disorders, head injury, and cognitive issues. We are dedicated to providing exceptional clinical care, blending compassion with advanced expertise. We understand that healing involves both the mind and the body, and our services are designed to address this intricate connection.

Our practice offers individual psychotherapy, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We also provide cognitive rehabilitation, focusing on restoring and enhancing cognitive functions affected by injury or illness. We also offer comprehensive psychological assessments, for a more in-depth understanding of our clients' current psychoemotional functioning.

Our concussion treatment program is focused on effectively treating symptoms with the goal of improving health and function. By integrating the latest research with compassionate care, we aim to support our clients on their journey to recovery, balancing symptom management with active treatment strategies. At SLRPsychology, we are committed to offering an environment where cognitive and emotional health are nurtured together, fostering resilience and promoting holistic well-being.

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We're able to help any resident of Ontario and provide virtual care using secure video calls.

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